Heissler Financial, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor  (RIA) firm with the State of Oregon.  The purpose of this page is to provide some summary information regarding the firm.  Much more detailed information can be obtained by contacting us directly.
Fiduciary Duty
RIAs accept the fact that they have a fiduciary duty to their clients.  They act as a representative of the clients instead of as a representative of a financial institution.  RIAs are bound by the legal responsibility to treat client money as if it were their own, and to recommend the best investment options available based on the goals of the clients.  RIAs must also monitor portfolios and make adjustments as needed as if it were their own assets.  Investment costs matter and RIAs must be able to control and account for all expenses to clients.
Compensation Structure
Heissler Financial, LLC receives compensation from clients in the form of advisory fees.  The benefit of this structure is that the motivation of the client and the firm are the same.  Both want assets to grow at a reasonable rate over time.

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